Equestrian Freestyle Music Design Services

My comprehensive equestrian freestyle music design services at Woodwind Studios allow you to make good decisions every step of the way, from practice sessions to the actual competition. Every freestyle begins with determining your horse’s individual gait tempos. Once that’s established, we can work together to craft the perfect music design for you and your horse’s winning performance.

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Music Selection Video

This service comes with no extra charge. Watch the video below to see a short sample of the type of music selection video you’ll receive. If the video isn’t enough, I can also send you tempo-adjusted music clips you can try while riding.

“I really love the music so much! I get chill bumps every time I ride it.”

– Ashley McCormick

Choreography Design

When you hire me to design your choreography, you’ll receive a detailed worksheet for me to learn how your horse needs to be presented to the judge. I will send you a sketch for approval and then finalize the design.

“The choreography is wonderful. It flows really well, makes sense, and shows off his strengths. I love it!”

– Jessica Thomas

Music Editing

My advanced degree in music gives me the ability to edit music that is second to none. I ensure that every movement in your choreography features unique phrasing to maximize your score for interpretation. When you collaborate with me, expect music that is perfectly balanced and engineered to industry standards.

“I am speechless. I freaking love it!!!”
– Lyndsey Bailey

Adding Drums to Music

If your music choices don’t contain enough percussion, I can add live recorded drums to enhance their dramatic and rhythmic quality. Kevin Hall, a studio drummer in Austin, Texas, has many years of experience with freestyle music and records multiple instruments to punch up your music. The best part? There’s no extra charge for this service.

Watch this short video to hear side-by-side music samples without drums and with drums added.

“I absolutely love the music, pattern, and the extra drum, tambourine, and hand claps. It super enhances the expression and really fits with Tristan’s look and personality!”

– Brianna Zwilling

The Final Product

Watch video of this national championship winning Intermediate freestyle and you’ll see how closely I match musical phrasing to your choreography. I designed the choreography, as well as produced music for this freestyle.

When you work with me, I’ll send you a learning tool (voiceover or video) to use as a guide. In addition to CDs, I also send a thumb drive containing digital files so that you’ll have an mp3 music file to download on your phone and use for practice.

“Thank you for the great music and choreography!”

– Anartz Chanca