My dressage freestyle music design at Woodwind Studios has earned rave reviews from my clients. I edit music and design every freestyle to have the same potential for success for each rider and horse.

“Tonico Do Top won the BLM Grand Prix freestyle. We danced to our new music together, he loves the beat!”

– Felicitas Von Neumann-Cosel

Felicitas Von Neumann-Cosel

“Beth’s lifelong devotion to riding and being a flautist meld an understanding of editing a freestyle that supersedes the average composer.”

– Rebecca Rigdon

Girl Is Mounted on a Horse

“I heard the last take with the violins and it sounds awesome!”

– Emily Miles

Female Rider on a Horse

“Thank you so much for my amazing freestyle!” 

– Hannah Bauer, NAYC Silver Medal 

Girl with a Smile, Champion in Horseback Riding

“Thank you for your wonderful music that fits Checkmate perfectly and helped to earn a silver medal with a 71.7% at this year’s NAYC!”

– Claire McNulty, NAYC Silver Medal

Girl Champion in a Horse Riding Competition

“We love the music! It’s terrific!”

– Lauren Sprieser

Lauren Sprieser

“You did an amazing job on Heide’s freestyle! The music is such a perfect match to her cadence and tempo.”

– David Blake, Festival of Champions

Male Rider on a Horse

“I love that freestyle so much!! It is such a great one, my absolute favorite music!”

– Lauren Asher, NAYC Silver Medal

Champion Horse Rider Girl Smiles While Carrying a Flower

“Amazing freestyle…it was the perfect fit!”

– Annelise Klepper, NAYC Gold Medal

Annelise Klepper, NAYC Gold Medal

“Thank you so much for creating such an amazing freestyle for me and Monty!”

– Lexie Kment, NAYC Bronze and Gold Medals

Lexie Kment, NAYC Bronze and Gold Medals

“It’s brilliant!! You’re amazing at what you do! Everybody, including the judges, loved the music!”

– Eva Oldenbroek, USDF Region 9 Grand Prix Freestyle Champion

Eva Oldenbroek Region 9 GP Champion

“We scored 75.6% and 75.8% on our last Grand Prix freestyles. Fabulous comments and 8.5+ on choreography and music! I owe it all to you!”

– Francesca Nicoletti

Francesca Nicoletti and Catapult

“I have never received a score so high, ever (75.2%). Thank you for the amazing music and choreography!”

– Alicia Berger

Alicia Berger and Trust Me

“I think the music is beautiful and really suits him!”

– Nancy Smith

Nancy Smith and Eragon

“The judges LOVED the music. Thank you so much for your help!!”

– Terri Rocovich

Terri Rocovich and Uiver

“You are brilliant!”

– Eline Eckroth

Eline Eckroth and Ukon Rock

“It sounds great!! Thank you so much!”

– Ella Fruchterman

Ella Fruchterman and Hannah Montana

“It’s absolutely amazing! I love it sooooo much!”

– Mary-Cameron Mansfield

Mary Cameron Mansfield and Elliot